Stop and Watch the Boats Go By | Prescott Park, Portsmouth | New Hampshire Lifestyle Photographer

I want to take a moment to be transparent with you all and to encourage you if you're feeling overwhelmed in the seas of life.

Little Boy Watching Boats

This photo was taken a few weeks ago when my brother-in-law and his family came to visit us here in New Hampshire. We had a wonderful weekend of fun and exploration. We spent that Saturday on the coast and ended in Portsmouth, where this image was taken. There was a concert that night at Prescott Park, and the set-up process was loud and busy.

The kids were dancing around, stepping up and down the sidewalk curb, and laughing with joy at the mere fun of their actions. Then the bridge tolled, and little Alan turned his head to see what was going on. He slowly walked over to the fence and then proceeded to stand there, quietly watching the boats go by. It was as if everything else in the world stopped, and the peaceful passage of the boats was all Alan could see.

This picture makes me think of my own life and how busy I feel...all the time. It's like I never stop. My photography business has grown by leaps and bounds, and for that I am so grateful. But I work another job, and it has been growing increasingly challenging to balance my part-time work, my photography business, and life itself. I often feel overwhelmed as my checklist grows longer and longer, and sometimes I just want to give up. I feel like a failing wife and a lazy bum if I don't get around to doing the simple things in life  like taking care of my husband and my home.

"I can't do this," my mind tells me. "I don't know where to start or how I'll end."

But those are lies that ravage my mind, and I cannot submit to them. I cannot start my process on a negative thought. I am working on changing my perspective so that I view my jobs and the things I have to do as just that: things that are. Period. Things that just need to be done. I have been making checklists and am working on taking care of one thing at a time and not making my list too long. If I do that, I set myself up to fail.

After my tasks are done, I need to be okay with giving myself some relaxation time — some time to just stop, turn off, and breathe in deeply this beautiful life around me.

My encouragement for you today is this: if you feel like you are going, going, going, take a moment to stop. Try it. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly. Tell yourself you can do it. The world will keep turning, and the tide will continue coming in and going out. But you have the ability to slow yourself down and take in those little moments you don't want to miss.

When the waves of this life keep crashing all around you, take a moment to watch the boats go by.