Felicity + Aaron | Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville | Kentucky Engagement Photographer

"There is a saying that goes like, 'When you know, you know.' I always had dreamed for that to be true, but it hadn't happened yet. But within those sweet beginning weeks of our relationship, I had a feeling that this wonderful man would change my life. I didn't have to wait long to be secured in that thought because on February 25th, five months after we began dating, in a beautiful white chapel, surrounded by bouquets of flowers and sunlight...

...Aaron asked me to marry him.

Oh friends, there are not words to describe our excitement and joy! The Lord truly took us by surprise and has since been overwhelming us with gifts and blessings." -Felicity S.

Those words are just a few that my sister had to say after she got engaged just under a month ago. Click here to check out how Felicity and Aaron's relationship all began. It's quite a cool story.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend as Robbie and I also visited some of his childhood friends during the trip. Aaron wanted us to be in Louisville with them as they celebrated, and he also wanted me to be there to document the moments of their engagement; so we made our way down.

Upon arrival, we made our way into a beautiful, bright white chapel on campus. Aaron had already gone out that morning to gather flowers, and he was at the end of the aisle sprinkling petals on the floor.

After taking the obligatory images of the ring (so beautiful!), Aaron headed out to go pick up Felicity and bring her back to the chapel. She was to be blindfolded, not knowing what was going to happen. Aaron had previously told her that what was about to happen was not what she was expecting—as in she was not getting proposed to. Okay, so yes, he wasn't exactly being truthful in saying that, but it really made the whole process more fun.

So I climbed the winding stairs up into the balcony to get set up for the big moment.

It was a beautiful day—both families were there to celebrate and support the upcoming union of two hearts into one. They will be getting married this August!

We had about five minutes to run outside and snag some fun images, so we made the best of it! Aaron and Felicity were so giddy from what had just gone down that they made it easy to capture their love in a way that uniquely reflected them. So I leave you with these portraits in hopes that they tell the story they were meant to tell—one of love, life, and laughter.

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