Jocelyn + Bryan | Seabrook Beach and Newburyport Anniversary Session | New England Wedding Photographer

One rainy September evening, my husband and I drove out to the seacoast to camp out there, closer to the place where my sunrise session was scheduled for the next morning. I didn't want to make the drive at 4:00am on Saturday, so we thought making a camping trip out of it on Friday evening would be a good idea.

We rolled into the campsite as the rain continued to trickle down, and we knew it was going to be a long, cold night.

However, after setting up camp (blazingly fast, I tell you) while the rain subsided and smashing down some soup, salad, and bread, we were quite content to rest easy for the night. I set my alarm for 5:00am, and we settled in. We figured the rain would stop, and the next morning would be glorious.

Oh, how we were wrong.

My alarm never went off. Apparently, I had scheduled a "weekday" alarm, and because it was Saturday, it didn't sound. Robbie shook me awake at 6:00am, and I scrambled to text Jocelyn and Bryan to let them know I would be late. Through back and forth texts of "Should we do this because it's so foggy?" and "Heck yes, let's do this!", we finally settled on a time and met up at Seabrook Beach.

The air was thick. No sunrise. Just fog. But we loved it. A truly unique experience sprang forth from what could have been construed as a failure, and I daresay this session will go down in my records as a definite favorite.

Photographing another photographer is something truly special...check out Jocelyn's own photography work on her website!

Want to know about Jocelyn and Bryan's style? Here's a list of companies that supplied their awesome ensembles:

     Blue dress: Lulu's
     Red dress: Cynthia Rowley on Rent the Runway
     Dress shoes: Vince Camuto
     Jeans: American Eagle
     Vest: YMI Jeans
     Gray booties: Jessica Simpson
     Jewelry: Kate Spade
     Shirts: Denim & Flower
     Pants: Hollister
     Shoes: Timberland
     Guitar: Taylor Guitars

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