Cozy Days and Coffee Shops | Finesse Pastries | New Hampshire Lifestyle Photographer

Sometimes I like to bring a friend along for a while and shoot some fun photos, just because. In the photo on the right, my friend Michelle Weber (you may remember her from a previous blog post) came with me to my favorite cafe on Elm Street in Manchester, NH. We sipped delicious salted caramel lattes and chatted away about life's lately happenings. As you can see, we even snapped a few shots to document the day and just to have some fun. I'm thankful she lets me take her picture and try new brings me joy.

If you want to check out this adorable cafe, it's called Finesse Pastries. It's a fabulous little place because it's so quaint! They have delicious food and drinks at reasonable prices...highly recommended.

One of my favorite ways to spend a photography work day is to cozy up in a coffee shop or cafe and let the editing hours fly by. My fingers move smoothly from one button to the next, from doing one simple touchup to fixing white balance, and I focus my mind on the editing job ahead of me. The best days are the gloomy ones, the ones where you feel "right" being inside and enjoying a sweet latte or foamy cappuccino. Grab a delectable croissant to go with it, and you're set!