Cady + Ryan | Devil's Bridge Trail, Sedona | Arizona Couples Photographer

I’m feeling pretty nostalgic right now…

This time last year, Robbie and I were in the final days of prep for our two-month road trip out to the Southwest. We excitedly planned out a route that would end up taking us to 11 different national parks, monuments, and more. It was the most amazing experience!

I even got to meet Cady and Ryan (the fabulous couple below) and photograph their engagement session!

These last few weeks, however, I’ve struggled with being content just being here where we are, as the travel bug has got me good. I just want to go adventuring again; I want to keep exploring our beautiful country while living frugally on the road.

There’s something so magical about minimalism because you can invest more in experiences that truly last, memories that don’t go away. So as I sit here today, catching up on my winter wedding editing, my heart yearns for the warmth of the Southwest this time of year—all the while knowing the beautiful NH snow will always hold a special place in my heart.

It’s time to make experiences where I BE where I am. I encourage you to do the same today.